What is SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a next generation replacement for traditional business phone services. For decades, SMB’s and Enterprises have been buying expensive wire-line voice trunks like plain old telephone service (aka POTS lines), T-1’s and PRI’s. Today these same trunks can be delivered to over the Internet resulting in lower telephony cost, enhanced features and advanced business continuity options.

When compared to older services like analog lines or PRIs, Kelstar SIP Trunks enhance your existing phone system while lowering your monthly telecom spending. In addition, SIP Trunks are much more flexible and reliable. Unlike PRIs that require you to pay for 23 voice channels or analog lines that include no long distance, SIP Trunks can be purchased in any quantity for less money. Plus adjust your concurrent call channels on demand with no penalties or lengthy installations times.

How SIP Trunking works

Using the internet, you are now able to transmit and receive phone calls via the SIP protocol standard.

So how does it work? It’s Simple…

Your SIP enabled phone system is connected to a secure high speed internet service. Through this secure connection your phone system will communication with Kelstar’s Cloud Telephony Platform. When making or receiving calls our Redundant IP Network will route your voice traffic using one of our 40+ Tier 1 PSTN providers and deliver the call to your phone system.

If your phone system does not support SIP then our Digital Phone Adapter will enable your system to benefit from SIP Trunking services.

Kelstar SIP Trunks only use the internet when there’s an active call making them very efficient. Dynamic allocation of bandwidth is another feature that makes SIP Trunking a better business phone solution.

Flat Rate SIP Trunking Service

With Kelstar as your SIP Trunking Provider, you’re sure to receive crystal clear voice quality with Unlimited Calling in North America for one low flat rate. Our SIP Trunk Pricing is simple and designed to help your business maintain predictable costs for phone service. You can now budget your telecom spending every month and stop worrying about long distance and overage charges.

Benefits of Kelstar SIP Trunking

  • Compatible with All Phone Systems – Our SIP Trunks work with all SIP enabled systems or use any standard phone system with our Free Digital Phone Adapter.
  • Keep Your Phone Numbers -Keep all your existing local and Toll Free Numbers.
  • Transparent Migration – Our No Downtime Guarantee ensures you have a seamless transition when using our SIP Trunk Service.
  • Easy to Deploy – SIP Trunks can be provisioned and setup in the same day with little to no changes to your existing phone system.
  • Disaster Proof – In the event your office loses power or Internet, our SIP Trunks can automatically failover to any destination like another office, cell phones or our Virtual Receptionist service.
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